8,000 tourist beds will be developed through investors: Pres Office

The 8,000 tourist beds that will be developed in the Bodu Thiladhunmathi region will not be developed by the government, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed said.

Speaking at a ceremony held to inaugurate Ha. Utheem's new powerhouse, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, last week said the government aims to develop 8,000 tourism beds in the next five years.

Referring to the President's statement at a press conference held Thursday, Miuwan said the beds would not be set up by the government directly but by investors. He said the government would provide the necessary assistance to the investors.

Miuwan said the biggest obstacle to the expansion of tourism in the northern and southern parts of the Maldives is that the country has only one main international airport. There are difficulties in transporting tourists to the north and south of the country as they have to spend a lot of time traveling to these regions after disembarking at the VIA after long journeys, he said. He expressed confidence that investors would come with the development of Hanimaadhoo International Airport.

"Not only resorts. Guesthouse business is also included. We are not talking about 8,000 beds in resorts alone," Miuwan said.

Noting that there are beautiful beaches in the northern and southern islands, Miuwan said the guesthouse business would expand in the near future. Therefore, the government hopes to reach the target of establishing 8,000 beds within the next five years, he said.