"No time to respond to Nasheed's unsubstantiated claims": Miuwan

Presidential Spokesperson has Miuwan Mohamed responded to the recent allegations made by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed regarding President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, dismissing them as politically motivated and lacking substantiation.

Speaking at a campaign event of the Democrats in Addu City on Saturday night, Nasheed made a bold statement linking President Solih to drug trade and alleged that he encouraged it.

In response to these allegations, Miuwan emphasized that there is no time to address such baseless claims. Miuwan said that over the past five years, President Solih has effectively communicated his policies to the people, demonstrating transparency and sincerity in his actions. He stressed that the President had no hidden agendas.

This is not the first time Nasheed has made unsubstantiated claims against the president. In the past, Nasheed alleged that he possessed four pictures of President Solih engaging in immoral acts but later changed his narrative multiple times. Recently, Nasheed criticized President Solih's age, claiming he is too "old" to lead the country. Additionally, he made remarks about the President's health, stating that he had a stent inserted due to heart disease and takes multiple medicines daily.

Nasheed's personal remarks regarding the President have drawn heavy criticism on social media.