Presidential Spokesperson rebuts Nasheed's allegations on Pres Solih's health

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has responded to remarks made by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed regarding President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's health condition.

Speaking at a rally held at The Democrats' party center on Sunday, Nasheed said President Solih has to take a "handful of medicine" every morning and said that he suffers from heart disease. Nasheed also took a swipe at the President's age, insinuating that he is now too old to lead the country.

Denying Nasheed's allegations, Miuwan stated that Nasheed's comments were nothing more than an attempt to avoid supporting the MDP presidential candidate, President Solih, following Nasheed's defeat in the MDP primary. Miuwan expressed disappointment that a prominent figure like Nasheed would resort to such low tactics.

"He is merely resorting to various excuses to create dissent while declining to support the winning candidate. It is unfortunate to witness someone of his stature stooping to such levels. While I am not entirely surprised, it does evoke regret," Miuwan remarked.