Pres Solih seeks support from Nasheed for second round

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has revealed that discussions were held between himself and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed to secure Nasheed's endorsement for the second round of the presidential election.

A meeting took place between the two at the President's Office this afternoon, marking their first meeting since their relationship became strained following their contest in the MDP presidential primary.

In a statement to the press following their meeting, President Solih disclosed that their conversation primarily revolved around potential changes to the government system and related constitutional amendments, along with the objective of gaining Speaker Nasheed's support in the second round of the presidential election. However, Nasheed had said The Democrats' decision not to support any candidate in the second will remain the same, he said.

"We discussed these matters, and we will release further details later," stated the president.

During the initial round of the presidential election, President Solih secured the second position with 85,935 votes, approximately 39 percent of the total votes, while the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, emerged as the leading contender with 101,180 votes, which is 46 percent of the votes.