Nasheed commends Pres Solih's campaign spirit and courage

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has expressed admiration for the spirit and courage displayed by incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih throughout his re-election campaign.

President Solih faced defeat in the Maldives' presidential election, with Dr. Mohamed Muizzu of the PPM-PNC emerging as the winner in the second round on Saturday.

Following President Solih's defeat, Speaker Nasheed took to social media platform X to praise President Solih, describing his campaign as a comprehensive campaign.

“I congratulate you and the MDP for your thorough campaign and the courage and noble example you displayed,” Nasheed tweeted.

Nasheeds's remark comes amid a recent call to avoid taunting and insulting MDP members after their defeat. He emphasized that it is unwise to prioritize hatred and animosity in the wake of the election results.

Nasheed, a prominent leader of the MDP for many years, recently resigned from the party and joined The Democrats. This newly formed political party split from the MDP due to internal disagreements within the party.