Pres would respect Parliamentary Group decisions: Spokesperson

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih would support the decisions of the MDP Parliamentary Group.

The statement from the President's Office follows the MDP Parliamentary Group's decision to seek the removal of MDP President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed from his post as Speaker. A total of 54 MPs have signed the no-confidence motion against Nasheed.

At a press conference held at the President's Office this morning, Miuwan was asked what the president's views were on the no-confidence motion.

In his response, Miuwan emphasized that any decision by the MDP Parliamentary Group would be a decision that the president respects and accepts. He highlighted that the president had a good relationship with the Parliamentary Group and said he always consults with PG members.

Miuwan said the government has serious concerns regarding the Parliament's failure to reconstitute parliamentary committees, which has brought the Parliament to a standstill. Despite being submitted to the Parliament, important bills relevant to the government's agenda for the people remain stalled in the committees, he said. As the majority party in Parliament, MDP will take necessary steps to overcome the deadlock, he added, stating that the government would provide full assistance and cooperation to run the Parliament.

"As the supreme head of this country, the president is committed to doing his utmost within the legal framework, without any hindrance to deliver services to the people or fulfill his promises to the people," Miuwan said.