Shiaau's murder: Case to be forwarded for charging within two weeks

Maldives Police Service has said Shiaau Mohamed Saeed's murder case will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General's Office for charging over the next two weeks.

Shiaau's body was found brutally murdered at a home in Henveiru ward of Male' City in August this year. A suspect, identified as Ali Shahil, was arrested at the crime scene.

At a press conference held Saturday, the police said there was enough evidence to implicate Shahil and convict him of first-degree murder. No other persons are believed to have been involved in Shiaau's murder, the police said.

Noting that the police had now gained access to Shahil's phone, they said data was currently being extracted from the device. The police confirmed that there were possible motives for Shiaau's murder. More than 45 people had been questioned in connection with Shiaau's death, and additional CCTV footage is being analyzed, police said.

Police said today that the post-mortem showed that Shiaau died from her injuries and that her body was attacked even after her death. While a psychological assessment has been conducted on Shahil, no mental illnesses have been noted, the police said.