Decision to support OPEC Plus was not influenced in any way, says gov't

The Maldives' decision to support OPEC Plus's decision to cut oil production was not influenced by any party, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said.

During a press conference held Thursday, Miuwan said no other country or party could influence any decision taken by the current government. The Maldives supported the OPEC Plus decision because the government believes it is beneficial, he said.

Led by the Saudi government, OPEC Plus has decided to cut oil production by two million barrels a day. The Maldives' Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday supporting the OPEC Plus decision, stating that it believed the decision was based on global economic conditions, the oil market, and other technical factors. The Foreign Ministry said that the Maldives would continue to support Saudi Arabia in its efforts to boost the global economy.

"The Government of Maldives believes that the decision was made on purely economic grounds and determined by market variables and other technical considerations," the statement read.

The United States and European countries have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision of the OPEC Plus countries as the economies of the world's most influential powers, such as the United States and Europe, are affected as a result of the decision.