Health Ministry working on obtaining buggy ambulances for small islands

The government is working on procuring buggy ambulances to be used in small islands, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem has said.

During Wednesday's Parliament sitting, Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed Shifau inquired from the minister when the government would undertake its next efforts to obtain ambulances for island use.

"I have already mentioned that we are making arrangements to bring small ambulances to small islands. We have already spoken to China through the Foreign Ministry. We are in negotiation with China to manufacture buggy ambulances," Naseem said.

Naseem noted that due to a lack of road space, large ambulances cannot be used efficiently in small islands. Standard-size ambulances cannot be driven on the roads of small islands, he said, adding that he would share the latest information from the Foreign Ministry regarding the ambulances.

The President's Office has said 137 ambulances have been provided to hospitals and health centers in the atolls. Presidential Spokesperson Miuvan Mohamed said the number of ambulances provided was high compared to the number of inhabited islands in the country.