'Will not allow any un-Islamic acts to take place'

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said that the government will not allow any acts that are against Islam and that action will be taken against such acts.

Miuwan's remarks come while a complaint has been filed at the police after Hindu rituals were practiced when kicking off southernmost Addu City's Hithadhoo road tarring project.

Speaking regarding the matter, Miuwan said the government would not hesitate to take necessary measures if there was any violation of religion. He also assured that religious matters would not be neglected by the government.

"If such an incident has happened, we will not let it slide. The Maldives is a 100-percent Islamic country. We will not allow any action against Islam to take place in the Maldives," he said.

The opposition alleges that anti-Islamic slogans and anti-religious acts have increased in the Maldives since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih took office. However, the government has always denied the allegations.