Parliament approves to appoint Firash as PCB Vice Chair

The Parliament has approved the appointment of Mohamed Firash from Azaadheebahaaru, Ha. Ihavandhoo, as the Vice-Chairman of the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB).

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih sought parliament approval to appoint Firash to as PCB Vice-Chairman, and the matter was referred to the relevant standing committee, the committee on State-Owned Enterprises, on October 12. The committee approved Firash's appointment by a two-thirds vote. When the matter was sent back to the Parliament floor for voting, 57 members voted in favor of Firash's appointment.

The Privatization Board consists of seven members appointed by the President, including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board. The board members are appointed under the Privatization, Corporatization, and Monitoring and Evaluation of State Enterprises Act. The board's duties include planning and managing the privatization of state enterprises. The term of office of a board member is four years.