Finance Ministry re-announces hospital projects funded by KFAED

The Finance Ministry has re-announced seven hospital construction projects funded by the Kuwait Fund.

The Ministry of Finance announced in April this year that it was seeking contractors to build hospitals in seven islands-- HDh. Hanimaadhoo, Sh. Milandhoo, N. Velidhoo, K. Thulusdhoo, ADh. Maamigili, V. Felidhoo, and Th. Vilufushi-- with financing from Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. However, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer last month told the Parliament that although the hospital projects were previously announced, they would be re-bid as the bids submitted by the contractors were higher than the engineers' estimates.

In this regard, the Finance Ministry on Monday published bid announcements for the construction of 30-bed hospitals in the seven islands. The ministry said bidders are required to furnish a bid security for each of the projects for USD 35,000. International Competitive Bidding (ICB) will be conducted in accordance with the Public Finance Regulation of Maldives, the ministry said.

The announcement further said the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure's “Construction Industry Contractor’s Regulation”, the Finance Ministry's - Capping Policy, and the Economic Ministry's “Foreign Direct Investment Policy” will be applied for the procurements.

Bid opening is scheduled for 1300hrs on December 7.