Hopeful of bring about positive changes, says pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said the efforts of the past four years have given hope that the country's governance will be changed in a positive direction and the country will be brought back to the path of justice.

Speaking at the Republic Day celebrations at Dharubaaruge on Friday night, the President recalled the situation of the country when he took office in 2018. He spoke in detail about the illegal actions committed by his predecessor, former President Abdulla Yameen's government to influence the Parliament and the judiciary. During that regime, the Maldives was completely isolated from the rest of the world, he said.

“[At that time] anyone who disagreed became an enemy of the regime,” the president said.

President Solih said the people were afraid that they would not get justice when their rights guaranteed by the Constitution were taken away. However, the country's governance is now headed in the right direction, and the efforts of the past four years have made the people hopeful that the Maldives would be redirected back to the path of justice, he said.

The President further said the people of the Maldives wanted just and good governance. For the past four years, his government has worked to provide the good governance that the people wanted, he said. The president said he served the people the last four years without discrimination or exclusion, and assured that he would continue to serve the people with equality and justice.

The President added that all components of running the state with good governance may not be fulfilled in just four years. However, he said he was committed to bringing about the change.

"So far, the Maldives has been run with social and economic differences. I have pledged to bring about the necessary changes that are relevant to the current times. The major administrative changes that are taking place in the Maldives is just the beginning of fulfilling this pledge,” he said