No charge period for Lh. RTL ferry service extended

The Planning Ministry has extended the familiarization period for RTL ferry services in Lhaviyani atoll.

RTL ferry services were implemented in Lhaviyani atoll on November 17, starting with technical rides until November 21. It was initially planned that charges would not be taken for ferry service between November 21 to November 27, the 'familiarization' period for the newly implemented service.

The Planning Ministry said the familiarization period has now been extended. However, the ministry did not announce when RTL ferries will start charging fares.

RTL ferry services are currently available in 41 islands of Haa Alif, Alif Dhaalu, and Shaviyani atoll.

The division of zones under RTL:

Zone One: Ha. | HDh. | Sh.
Zone Two: N. | R. | B. | Lh.
Zone Three: K. | Aa. | ADh. | V.
Zone Four: M. | F. | Dh. | Th. | L.
Zone Five: Ga. | GDh.
Zone Six: Fuvahmulah | Addu City

The high-speed ferries in MTCC's fleet used in the RTL system have a capacity of 50 passengers and are comfortable for passengers. The ferries have mobile phone charging outlets, toilets, and luggage space. Special arrangements have been made on the ferries for people with special needs.