No proper plan for Hiyaa towers: Spokesperson

The previous government built the Hiyaa towers in Hulhumale' Phase II without proper planning, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said.

Speaking to reporters at the President's Office on Thursday, Miuwan said the previous government had built the social housing owers without planning to provide essential facilities to the people living in the area. He said that the government is working to provide the necessary facilities for the people in the Hiyaa neighborhood.

"When the previous government built Hiyaa flats to accommodate a large population, it did not provide adequate facilities," he said.

The spokesperson further said the government undertook efforts to establish adequate health care in Hulhumale' Phase II by working to open several medical clinics in the area. He noted that some clinics are already operational and providing service. He further said a special youth center has also been established in the area. An elderly center is being constructed in the area to offer a relaxing environment for the elderly living in the Hiyaa flats, he said.

Miuwan added that the government is taking many measures to ensure the safety and security of the people living in the Hiyaa towers. He said the efforts would resolve power outages and elevator issues, noting that there are not enough elevators in the towers for the population residing there.

In addition, the government is working with MTCC to bring changes to the Phase II bus route and schedule to make it easier for school children, Miuwan said.