AFCONS fire: Impact on project yet to be determined

The Planning Ministry said an assessment would determine whether the fire at the accommodation camp used by employees of India's AFCONs would cause a delay in the construction of the Thila-Male' Bridge.

AFCONS Instructure is the contractor for the Maldives' second overwater bridge project. A fire occurred at the accommodation where the contractor's employees were housed late Thursday night, injuring 73 people. Thirteen people are being treated at IGMH, and 60 at Treetop Hospital. One employee remains missing.

The Planning Ministry said it was investigating whether the fire would affect the bridge project.

AFCONS has been facing several unfortunate incidents since the company began the practical work of the project earlier in August. On August 16, a platform used by the company ran aground Villimale' reef, causing significant damage to the reef. The EPA has fined the company MVR 69 million for the damages, but the company has appealed against the fine to the Environment Minister. A decision is yet to be made.

Earlier this month, a crane used by the company toppled into the sea after its boom failed.