Chief Justice Shakeel withdraws from Fuggiri case

Criminal Court's Chief Justice Ahmed Shakeel has withdrawn from the R. Fuggiri corruption case.

The exact reason for Shakeel's withdrawal from the case is unknown. The Criminal Court has not yet commented on the matter.

The state has charged two individuals and two companies in the corruption case. Charges were raised against former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, Ma. Kurikeela Hiyaa Ahmed 'Krik' Riza', Sun Construction and Engineering Pvt. Ltd., and Sun Investments.

The two charges against President Yameen are accepting bribes and using the money to commit money laundering. Yameen is accused of taking US$1.1 million in bribes.

According to the charges, President Yameen took bribes via Ahmed Krik Riza to lease R. Fuggiri for tourism development. The money laundering was committed using Sun Construction and Engineering and Sun Investment.

While Sun Investment and Sun Construction Company have been charged with money laundering, Ahmed 'Krik' Riza was charged with money laundering and intermediary in bribery.

AVAS has learned that Judge Ali Nadheem has now taken over the case.

Chief Justice Ahmed Shakeel is also hearing the V. Aarah corruption case against President Yameen. The next stage in the case is issuing a verdict.