Supreme Court issues stay order on Fuggiri corruption cases

The Supreme Court has ordered the Criminal Court to put a hold on the ongoing Fuggiri corruption cases, pending an appeal filed by former President Abdulla Yameen against some of the Criminal Court's decisions relating to the case. The stay order comes while a Criminal Court hearing was scheduled for recording witness statements for today.

President Yameen is facing two charges of bribery and money laundering in relation to the leasing of Fuggiri island for resort development. He is accused of accepting $1.1 million in bribes through Ahmed 'Krik' Riza and using Sun Construction and Engineering and Sun Investment to launder the funds. Sun Investment and Sun Construction Company have been charged with money laundering, while Ahmed Krik Riza has also been charged with money laundering and intermediary in bribery.

President Yameen filed an appeal with the Supreme Court against some Criminal Court decisions relating to the Fuggiri case, which prompted the Supreme Court to issue a stay order to adjourn hearings until next Monday.

At the appeal hearing held Sunday, President Yameen claimed that, being a prisoner, he did not get adequate opportunities to meet with his lawyers and prepare his defense in the Criminal Court's rush to conclude the case. The prosecution disagreed and said it did not believe that the accused's rights would be violated by expediting the case.

The Supreme Court bench of justices hearing the appeal comprised Justice Husnu-al-Suood, who presided over the bench, Justice Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, and Justice Aisha Shujoon Mohamed.