VOM building to be used as main election center

The Election Commission (EC) is working to arrange the Voice of Maldives building as the main center to run next year's presidential election.

EC's Vice-President Ismail Habeeb told AVAS that it is expected that a place would be arranged from the VOM Building to be established as the main center for the presidential election. The Planning Ministry has asked VOM to arrange space in the building for the purpose, he said.

"The VOM building should be available around the 15th of next month," Habeeb said.

Earlier, the old Jamaluddin School building was used as the main headquarters of the 2018 presidential election. The land is being vacated for the construction of a new school building for Arabiyya School and an annex to Jamaluddin School.

The Election Commission will announce the date of the presidential election next month.