EC takes action against five presidential candidates

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to take action against five candidates who contested the recent presidential election, citing that their financial statements did not meet the standards outlined in the Elections General Act.

Among the eight candidates in the presidential election, only three— President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (PNC), former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (MDP), and Qasim Ibrahim (JP)—submitted financial statements in accordance with the required standards.

The five candidates against whom action has been taken are independent candidates Umar Naseer, Hassan Zameel, and Ahmed Faris Maumoon, the Democrats' candidate Ilyas Labeeb and MNP candidate Mohamed Nazim.

The EC has decided to impose fines of MVR 20,000 on each candidate and MVR 6,000 on their respective election agents for their failure to submit financial statements according to the standards outlined in the General Elections Act. They have been granted 30 days to settle the fines.