Contenders assigned candidate numbers for presidential race

The candidate numbers for the upcoming presidential race have been officially designated.

Candidate No. 1 - Umar Naseer (Independent)
Candidate No. 2 - Hassan Zameel (Independent)
Candidate No. 3 - Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (MDP)
Candidate No. 4 - Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (PNC)
Candidate No. 5 - Qasim Ibrahim (JP)
Candidate No. 6 - Ahmed Faris Maumoon (Independent)
Candidate No. 7 - Ilyas Labeeb (The Democrats)
Candidate No. 8 - Mohamed Nazim (MNP)

Of the eight contenders, five candidates are contesting under the banner of political parties, while three are contesting independently.

This year's presidential election is expected to be extremely competitive, as the election features a record-breaking eight contenders – the highest number since the inception of the current Green constitution in the Maldives.

The first to submit candidacy forms to the Elections Commission was the main opposition, PPM's candidate, former President Abdulla Yameen. However, his bid was rejected due to his ongoing incarceration stemming from a money laundering and bribery conviction. Yameen's subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court maintained EC's decision.

The presidential election is slated for September 9. If a second round of voting is required, the run-off will be held on September 30. Candidates have exactly one month from today to conduct their campaign.