EC announces Maldives Presidential Election's official results

The official results of the second round of the Maldives' presidential election have been announced. The results were announced by the President of the Elections Commission, Fuwad Thawfeek, on Wednesday night at a special ceremony at the Election Center established at Dharubaaruge.

Eight candidates contested the first round of the September 9 presidential election, with the top two candidates advancing to the second round due to no candidate getting a decisive victory with a 50 percent majority. The PPM-PNC's candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, was the leading contender in the first round with 101,635 votes, while incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih followed behind with 86,161 votes.

The official results of the second round of the presidential election, held on September 30, show that Dr. Muizzu won the election with 54.04% of the total votes, totaling 129,159 votes. Incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih received 45.96% of the votes, with 109,868 votes.

In the second round of the election, 87.31% of eligible voters participated, with 7,888 votes considered invalid. A total of 586 ballot boxes were used, including 187 in Male' City, 319 in the atolls, 65 in resorts, nine abroad, five in prisons, and one in an industrial area.