Election 2023: Pres Solih acknowledges result, congratulates Dr. Muizzu

Incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has acknowledged his defeat in the Maldives' presidential election and extended his congratulations to President-Elect PPM-PNC's Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Dr. Muizzu emerged as the leading contender in the first round of the presidential election held September 9, garnering 46 percent of votes, while President Solih trailed behind with 39 percent. In the second round held September 30, interim results indicate that Dr. Muizzu has maintained his lead, securing 53 percent of the votes, while President Solih garnered 46 percent.

A short while ago, President Solih tweeted his congratulations to Dr. Muizzu. He also expressed his gratitude to those who voted for MDP and those who supported his campaign efforts.