"Pres Solih has not called me in over a year": Nasheed

Parliament Speaker and President of the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed, has said there is no relationship between him and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Nasheed said President Solih, his long-time friend, had not called him in over a year. He said President Solih called him only once during his stay in Germany and the UK for treatment after an attempt on his life in May 2021.

"The president has not called me for a year now. The president called me only once in all the while I was in Germany and the UK following the bombing," Nasheed said.

Nasheed said although President Solih discussed government affairs with him in the past, no such discussions take place now. He said the discussions with him were stopped because those around the president felt that the president's "shine" would diminish if the discussions continued.

"The president and those close to him think that if they consult with me, the president will 'shine' less," Nasheed said.

Nasheed said although the relationship between himself and President Solih was strained, there was no difficulty in opening and conducting the Parliament.

President Solih and Nasheed are childhood friends. President Solih's wife, First Lady Fazna Ahmed, and Nasheed are cousins. Since President Solih took Office, Nasheed has been heavily critical of the president and the government.

Nasheed will go head to head with President Solih in MDP's presidential primary slated for January 28.