JP to hold Congress next month

The Jumhooree Party (JP) congress will be held in the last week of February.

JP's Chief Spokesperson Ali Solih told AVAS that the congress will be held in Male' City and that preparations are underway.

Ali said the main task of the upcoming congress is to make the necessary changes to the party's constitution and elect members to the party's new council. The first responsibility of the new council will be to decide on the upcoming presidential election, he said.

"The newly elected council will decide whether to contest the election or not." Ali Solih said.

According to the current constitution of JP, the party's presidential candidate is the party leader. Currently, the position is held by the former Parliament Speaker, Qasim Ibrahim.

Qasim Ibrahim contested the 2008 and 2013 presidential elections on the JP ticket. He could not contest the 2018 election as he was serving a sentence at the time. In 2018, instead of putting forth its own candidate, the party formed a coalition with the main-ruling MDP to back President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.