Boahuraa removed from list of islands being leased for tourism

The government has removed M. Boahuraa from the list of islands and lagoons to be developed as resorts.

On January 23, the Tourism Ministry announced that 15 islands and lagoons would be developed as resorts, including Boahuraa. While the island is among the top surf points in the Maldives, the decision was met with public backlash. Residents of M. Muli and the island's council, as well as environmental organizations, raised their voices against the decision. On January 25, the Tourism Ministry released a statement that although Boahuraa is being developed as a resort, its surf points would not be included as part of Boahuraa's boundary. Under the Tourism Areas Demarcation Act, the boundary was determined with the surf point separated, the ministry said.

However, in an amended announcement issued by the Tourism Ministry on Wednesday, the list of islands being developed as resorts did not include Boahuraa. In addition, the information session scheduled to be held on February has been postponed to February 7. The date of the meeting was changed as February 6 is the opening day of the Parliament this year.

The highest acquisition cost in the list of places currently opened by the government for resort development is for areas allocated from F. Nilandhoo and K. Kaashidhoo lagoon. The minimum bid price for the 10-hectare resort development area in both lagoons is $2.2 million or MVR 34 million.

As the lagoons are being leased under an open bidding process, the government hopes to get a higher price than the minimum price fixed by the government.