No complaints that can change primary outcome: Election Committee

There are no complaints that could change the results of the MDP presidential primary, the party's Election Committee has said.

The main-ruling party held its primary last Saturday, in which President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih contested Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. President Solih won the election by a large margin, attaining 61 percent of votes, against Nasheed's 39 percent.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the final results of the primary, the Election Committee's Chairman and MDP Deputy Chairperson Ibrahim Waheed (Ibre) said there were no complaints that could change the outcome of the vote and that there were no differences between the interim and final results.

"The election went very peacefully. There were no complaints that would change the results," he said.

According to the final results of the MDP presidential primary, President Solih received 24,566 votes, which is 61.1 percent of valid votes. MDP President Nasheed received 15,641 votes, which is 38.9 percent of valid votes.

Waheed said he was satisfied with the vote turnover. While 40,887 people voted in the election, this accounts for 70 percent of the eligible voters. Ibre noted that members in resorts and those away from their registered islands could not vote in the election.

Waheed further said areas that need to be improved were identified from the primary. In this regard, he said the election officials should be given better training.

Discussions are underway to arrange the handover of the presidential ticket to the primary winner sometime this month.