MDP gives power to form coalition to Pres Solih

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s National Assembly has passed a resolution giving the party's presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the power to decide if he wants to form a coalition in the upcoming presidential election.

President Solih contested against MDP's President and Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed, in the party's primary in January and won the election by a large margin. President Solih received 61 percent of votes -- 24,572 votes-- against Nasheed's 39 percent -- 15,631 votes. The party is preparing to officially hand over the party ticket to President Solih on Friday night. The President has repeatedly said that he will form a coalition to win the upcoming presidential election. However, no party has yet announced whether it will form a coalition with President Solih.

While there are 170 members in MDP's National Assembly, only about 60 members attended the meeting held at Izzuddin School on Wednesday night. The number of members present was less due to the absence of many pro-President Mohamed Nasheed members in the National Assembly. Members supporting Nasheed boycotted the meeting.

The session's agenda included discussions on giving MDP presidential candidate, President Solih, the power to form a coalition for the presidential election. It was passed by a majority of the members present at the meeting to give the authority to the President.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih came to power in 2018 through an MDP-led coalition with Jumhooree Party, Adhalath Party, and Maldives Reform Movement. Since the current Green Constitution came into force, everyone elected President came to power with the help of a coalition. However, no president except President Solih has successfully maintained a coalition.

The MDP is holding a special rally at the Carnival area in Male' City on Friday night to hand over the presidential ticket to President Solih officially.