Honda Motor Japan team visits Maldives' Honda "Sheesha"

A team from Honda Motor Japan is visiting the Maldives to conduct a survey.

Honda's team includes Hironori Kijima, Assistant Manager of the Sales Division, and Hiroki Iyobe, Sales Division.

Speaking to AVAS, Hironori Kijima said the team is currently visiting the Maldives for two purposes, the most important of which is to conduct a market survey in the Maldives.

"The lifestyle in the Maldives is in a period of transition, especially because of [the development] of Hulhumale’. Through the survey, we’d like to have a grasp on the change in customer needs in the Maldives and keep meeting the needs of riders," Kijima said.

As a second objective, Kijima mentioned enhancing the relationship with Sheesha as the appointed distributor of Honda in the Maldives. Kijima said Sheesha has been selling a large number of Honda motorcycles in the Maldives and that Honda has become a well-known and trusted brand in the Maldives.

Kijima said Honda would support the company in its efforts to expand its business in different parts of the Maldives.

"Sheesha is selling a lot of scooters in the Maldives and making Honda an attractive brand. We appreciate all the effort for this. To further expand [Sheesha] to provide valuable service to customers, we will enhance collaboration with Sheesha even more," said Kijima.

Honda is a company that designs and produces motorcycles suitable for all categories of customers, Kijima added.

Sheesha's CEO Ibrahim Husham told AVAS that the difference between Sheesha and other Honda motorcycle dealers is that Sheesha is the only company licensed to sell Honda motorcycles in the Maldives.

Husham said Honda motorcycles imported by Sheesha would get Honda's official warranty.

"In addition, Sheesha's mechanics are trained by Honda. Sheesha will provide adequate after-sales service to customers," Husham said.

Sheesha's operations and marketing manager, Fathmath Juman, said that Sheesha is the only company authorized to sell Honda motorcycles through the official channel in the country. Honda motorcycles sold by other companies are sold through third parties, she said.

According to Sheesha, it is important to purchase Honda motorcycles from an authorized Hona dealer if the customer wishes to purchase original Honda products.

Hiroki Iyobe told AVAS that buying a Honda motorcycle from Sheesha will ensure that it is the latest and best quality product. If purchased from a company other than an authorized distributor, the product is more likely to be a refurbished motorcycle and also more likely to need repair quickly, he said.

Honda is planning to launch ten varieties of battery cycles before 2025. When the new products are launched by Honda, Sheesha hopes to introduce the products to the Maldives, said Sheesha.

Sheesha's aim is to establish outlets in different parts of the country and provide service center services in different parts of the country. The company will be making trips to the atolls with the Honda team.