Agreements signed to provide services during Hajj

Agreements have been signed to provide services to Maldivian pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage season this year.

The agreements were signed on behalf of the Islamic Ministry by its State Minister, Mohamed Aneel.

The first agreement was signed with Al-Adilla Company to provide services to the pilgrims during their visit to Medina during the Hajj pilgrimage. The agreement was signed on February 25 at the company's headquarters in Saudi Arabic.

An agreement has also been signed with Zuyful Bayt Company to provide services to pilgrims in Mecca, Mina, and Arafat during this year's Hajj. The agreement signing was held at the Zuyful Bayt company office on February 26. According to the Islamic ministry, discussions regarding improving the quality of services provided to pilgrims were discussed at the signing ceremony.

The Saudi Arabian government has allocated 1,000 Hajj pilgrimage quotas to the Maldives this year. The government is also working to secure additional quotas.

The Islamic Ministry has opened submissions for companies interested in taking people to Hajj to submit their proposals.