Maldives Hajj Mission departs for Saudi Arabia ahead of pilgrimage

The Maldives Hajj Mission has departed for Saudi Arabia to prepare for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage.

The Islamic Ministry stated that the mission will work with the Saudi authorities to facilitate the affairs of Maldivian pilgrims. The mission consists of seven individuals, including a doctor and media personnel from the Islamic Ministry.

Members of the Hajj Mission are:

Usam Mohamed
Mohamed Shakeel
Dr. Ahmed Aslam Abdullah
Mohamed Rameez
Ahmed Adeel
Abdul Azeez Ismail
Jannath Saeed
Zam'ath Ahmed Waheed
Ibrahim Akmal

The Maldives received 1,000 hajj quotas this year, and all but 50 quotas are fulfilled by the Maldives Hajj Corporation. The remaining 50 quotas are reserved for government-sponsored pilgrims who do not have the means to go on the pilgrimage. This initiative aligns with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's presidential pledge. The recipients of these slots were selected by lottery and have been notified.

This year's Hajj Day falls on June 15. The first group of pilgrims will depart from the Maldives on May 31. All pilgrims are traveling to Saudi Arabia on the national airline of Saudi Arabia.