Hajj pilgrims to begin departing from June 12th

Hajj pilgrims from the Maldives will start departing to Saudi Arabia from June 12, the Hajj Corporation has said.

An official of the government company told AVAS today that the pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia with the Hajj Corporation group will start departing from the 12th of next month.

“If all goes as planned, all the pilgrims traveling with us will depart from the Maldives between June 12th and June 19th,” the official said.

Some Hajj groups that spoke to AVAS said that the pilgrims traveling with their respective groups will also leave around the 13th or 14th of next month.

This year, the government has given permission to three private companies and the Hajj Corporation to take people to Hajj.

Prices offered by private companies this year are:

Haramain: MVR 75,250
Sisilfaru: MVR 75,465
Almanasik: MVR 75,000

For this year's Hajj, Saudi Arabia has allocated 1,000 quotas to the Maldives. The government has assigned 90 quotas to each private company, with the remaining quotas allocated to the Hajj Corporation.

To oversee the arrangements for the pilgrims' departure, the government has established a special committee led by Vice President Faisal Naseem.