Change in university employee salaries to cost gov't additional MVR 63 mln

The change in the salaries of university employees will cost an additional MVR 62.5 million annually, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has said.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced in his presidential statement at the Parliament's opening this year that the salaries of university employees will be improved in March. Last week, the government announced that the salaries of university employees would increase by about 59 percent.

Speaking at a press conference held Monday, Minister Ameer and Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said the salary increase for lecturers is a presidential promise of President Solih.

"There will be a fiscal impact of about MRV 52 million this year and about MVR 62 million for the whole year, starting in January," Ameer said.

Ameer said the salary change would cost the government an additional MVR 5.2 million per month.

According to the minister, the total number of employees receiving salary increases is 767. They are 625 employees of the Maldives National University, 124 employees of the Islamic University, and 18 employees of the Polytechnic.

Changes in salary

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: From MVR 39,000 to MVR 48,000
Registrar: From MVR 23,000 to MVR 42,000
Dean: From MVR 30,000 to MVR 38,000
Senior Lecturer: From MVR 20,830 to MVR 34,000
Assistant Professor: From MVR 23,500 to MVR 39,400
Associate Professor: From MVR 26,000 to MVR 45,000
Vocational Lecturer: From MVR 17,000 to MVR 29,000
Vocational Senior Lecturer: From MVR 17,000 to MVR 34,000
Vocational Associate Lecturer: From MVR 14,000 to MVR 26,000

The government has also decided to increase the salaries of health workers from May.