Pres indicates Hiyaa flat rent reduction

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has indicated that he will reduce the rent of the Hiyaa social housing flats built in Hulhumale' Phase II.

The President made the remarks after meeting with members of "Hiyaa Rayyithunge Gulhun" at the President's Office on Sunday.

Most of the 7,000 flats under the Hiyaa project were completed during the rule of former President Abdulla Yameen. Yameen's administration had decided to set MVR 5,500 per month as rent for the flats. However, the current government has increased the amount to MVR 8,500 -- With MVR 7,500 as monthly rent, and the maintenance fee is MVR 1,000. According to the government, MVR 7,500 is the minimum rent that can be charged due to the high amount of loans taken to build the flats.

Ismail Rifau, a participant in the meeting, told AVAS that the President gave a promising response regarding the reduction of Hiyaa flat rents.

"The President said he would meet again after consulting the Economic Council and other relevant agencies before taking a decision," he said.

Rifau said the President proposed three ways in which the Hiyaa flat rents could be reduced. One option is to reduce the rent based on the rent period and extend the loan repayment period. The second option is to identify those who have difficulty paying their rent and give them a subsidy. The third option is to reduce the rent of all Hiyaa flats by the same amount.

"The President said he would give a satisfactory response within two months," Rifau said.