Construction of 3000 housing units for Male' residents to kick off

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that the government would commence the implementation of the housing project targeted for residents of Male' city next month.

Speaking at a ceremony held Monday to inaugurate the Male' City Streetscaping Project, President Solih said the most important need that has to be fulfilled for the residents of Male' is housing.

"During the presidential campaign, we pledged to build 4000 housing units especially for the residents of Male' city. Our studies today show this amount is not enough, and more housing units are needed. Therefore, we are amending our plans based on the studies, and we are making arrangements for other housing projects targeted for the residents of Male' city," said the President.

The President added that the foundation will be laid next month to kick off the projects to construct 3000 housing units in this regard. The construction of 4000 additional housing units will be implemented within the year, and those who applied for social housing under the previous administration's 'Hiyaa' and 'Veshifahi' programs will also receive housing in the near future, revealed the president.

Another high-priority project for Male' city is the relocation of Male' Commercial Harbour to reclaimed land Gulhifalhu, said the president. The move would bring about a positive change to the outskirts of the city, noted the president.

"Hopefully, we will begin work to relocate Male' harbour project to Gulhifalhu, and commence the Male'-Gulhifalhu-Thilafushi connectivity project before June," said President Solih.

The congestion in Male' city can only be relieved by finding an alternative, said the president. Decentralization is key to bringing about such a chance, he added, asserting that he would work towards developing an effective decentralization system for the country.