MVR 36 mln spent from Zakat Fund for medical treatment

Over MVR 35.9 million was spent from the Zakat Fund in three years on medical treatment of those who could not afford it, Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir has said.

The minister disclosed the details of the medical expenditure from the Zakat Fund when asked by Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed.

In his written response, the minister said Zakat Fund provides assistance to the poor for medical treatment. The minister said the Zakat Fund provides financial assistance to those who need medical treatment under the principle of providing medical assistance to the poor.

“The Zakat Fund spends on medical treatment of those that request assistance from the poor and needy section of the Zakat beneficiaries,” the minister said.

Expenditure on medical treatment from Zakat Fund

2019: MVR 22,578,835.77
2020: MVR 6,335,337
2021: MVR 7,023,499