Measles case identified in Addu City

A measles case has been identified in the southernmost Addu City.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said a child tested positive for measles in Addu City. Another suspected case has also been identified, and sampling and testing are ongoing to confirm the diagnosis.

Both cases were found in children. However, the two children have passed the infection period, and therefore, is no possibility of further spread of the disease, HPA said.

Measles is an eradicated disease in the Maldives. Noting this, HPA said that even if a single case is reported after eradication, it will be considered an outbreak.

The agency said that as per the policy, the Equatorial Hospital will conduct contact identification and determine the cause of the disease on the advice of the HPA. Vaccinations will be given to those who need it, the agency added.

The main symptoms of measles are cough and red bumps on the skin. In addition, some people may experience symptoms such as a runny nose and red eyes. If any such symptoms are noticed, it is advised to seek the advice of a health worker immediately.