Urbanco warns action against negligent Hiyaa residents

Urbanco, which manages the Hiyaa social housing flats, has threatened to take back the flats of those who neglect the safety and security of the building's residents.

Urbanco issued the warning after two fires broke out in two Hiyaa towers this month, believed to have been caused by negligence.

The first fire broke out earlier this month on the 17th floor of the H-5 tower, and a second fire occurred on Friday night on a first-floor apartment of the H-7 tower.

In a statement issued following Friday's fire, Urbanco said that both fires are suspected of having been caused by a cigarette butt being thrown from a higher floor. Urbanco said such acts by a single person could result in the loss of life and property of many residents or even a more large-scale catastrophic incident. The corporation said it would identify and take stern action against the individuals and units committing such acts.

"After investigating such incidents, there is the possibility that we may take back the units leased to those who are negligent of the safety of the building residents. We urge residents to respect each other, take care of the safety of their neighbors, and work with us to prevent such incidents," Urbanco said in a statement.

Some people living in the shelter towers are also expressing concern about the possibility of a dangerous incident.