Tourist arrivals from China increase

China has become the seventh-largest tourist market in the Maldives.

Air travel between the Maldives and China resumed in January this year after being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. China was the leading tourism market in the Maldives before the pandemic.

According to the Tourism Ministry, 27,706 tourists visited the Maldives from China as of the 26th of this month. China's tourism market has overtaken France, which was previously ranked seventh.

A total of 666,830 tourists have visited the Maldives so far this year, an increase of 19.6 percent compared to 557,445 tourists during the same period last year. According to the Tourism Ministry, 172,499 tourists arrived in January this year, while 177,915 tourists arrived in February. 173,514 tourists arrived in March, while 142,902 tourists arrived so far in April.

Top 10 source markets for Maldives tourism

Russia - 79,166 tourists
India - 71,289 tourists
United Kingdom - 64,063 tourists
Italy - 55,594 tourists
Germany - 49,105 tourists
United States - 27,838 tourists
China - 27,706 tourists
France - 26,197 tourists
Switzerland - 17,182 tourists
South Korea - 11,823 tourists

There are currently 1,233 tourist facilities in the Maldives. These include 170 resorts, 897 guesthouses, 153 safari vessels, and 13 hotels. The number of beds available in total is 60,538.