MRM offers to form coalition with MDP with conditions

The Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has offered to form a coalition with the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for the upcoming presidential election.

After being awarded MDP's presidential ticket earlier this year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih invited current coalition partners to continue their alliance with MDP for the 2023 presidential election. Adhaalath Party has accepted the invitation, while Jumhooree Party has decided to field its own candidate and lead a coalition. Maldives Development Alliance, which is not part of the ruling coalition, has also decided to back President Solih in the election.

Official talks were held between MRM and MDP regarding forming a coalition at a meeting held at the MRM Office on Tuesday night. MRM President Ahmed Faris Maumoon and MDP Chairman and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail led the meeting.

The MRM made five main proposals to the MDP:

- Request information to ensure that the Maldives' independence and sovereignty will not be infringed in the slightest.
- Ensure that the government can be run in the interest of the people and according to the principles of the MRM.
- Find a way to assure the people that both sides will respect the coalition agreement and act in accordance with the agreement.
- Suggestions on government policies and how to reform the country's major challenges.
- Assurance that the country's system of governance will be maintained as a presidential system

MRM's proposal to maintain the country's government system comes while MDP's President, Mohamed Nasheed, has proposed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the MDP to change the system of government to a parliamentary system.

The presidential election is scheduled to take place on September 9.