Thilamale' Bridge project progressing slowly, says minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam today said he believes the Maldives' second overwater bridge, the Thilamale' Bridge project, is progressing slowly.

Minister Aslam made the statement in response to a question by Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed at today's Parliament sitting on the status of the bridge project.

"There are delays based on the contractor's work schedule. So far, the progress has not met the anticipated timeline," the minister said.

The minister said that despite the setbacks, the government had not yet granted additional time to the contractor. The original contract period remains unchanged, and part of the delayed work will be completed within the contract period, he added.

"We can catch up somewhat, even if not fully. We don't intend to give a time extension," Aslam said.

Aslam said the bridge project is already underway, and deck sections are being constructed at the Gulhifalhu casting yard. He clarified that the two pillars initially installed in the sea were test pillars and that the subsequent pillars were the original pillars of the bridge's foundation.