Gov't had knowledge of three bomb attacks targeting me: Nasheed

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has accused the government of having prior knowledge of three bomb attacks targeting his life.

President Nasheed made the allegations during the debate on the resolution calling for the restoration of farmers' subsidies in Parliament today. During the debate, Henveiru West MP Hassan Latheef said the government had ignored reports of potential bomb attacks against the Speaker near Marybrown and Yagoothuge, which ultimately resulted in a bomb blast on May 6, 2021.

However, Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim 'Bondey' Rasheed, who spoke next in the debate, said the government had not received information regarding attacks against Nasheed. The Speaker himself refuted the statement, asserting that the government was aware of three attempts on his life so.

"I can assure the Honorable Member that the government was clearly aware of the attempt to kill me by placing a bomb near the Marybrown Restaurant, a bomb near Yaagoothuge, and by placing a bomb near Kenereege," Nasheed said.

A May 6 terror attack Nasheed by detonating an IED as he entered his vehicle near his residence in the capital Male'. Nasheed sustained serious injuries in the attack and underwent multiple critical surgeries. Ahmed Adham Rashid, responsible for detonating the IED, has been convicted and is currently serving his sentence. Two others are undergoing trial in connection to the case.