Pro-Nasheed MPs describe Pres Solih as a threat to the nation

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdulla and Henveiru West MP Hassan Latheef have described President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as a "dangerous threat" to the country.

Speaking at Wednesday's Parliament session, MP Eva said President Solih had prior knowledge of the May 6, 2021, terror attack that targeted Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. This is evident in the report on the attack prepared by the Parliament's 241 committee, she said. She accused the President of disregarding the information and standing by while Nasheed got injured, all due to political rivalry.

"Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is a great menace to the country. Not only is he ignorant and clueless, but [he is also] incredibly scary, just scary," she said.

Eva further noted that cabinet ministers, police and army chiefs, as well as Nasheed's bodyguards and intelligence officers, had given statements to the 241 Committee inquiry into the May 6 attack. The statement given by a senior police officer asserts that the bombing was deliberately carried out while the government was aware of it.

"The police said the army did not inform them and that the army was aware. He said if they had informed the police, they could have thwarted it (the bombing)," she said.

At Wednesday's session, Henveiru West MP Hassan Latheef said the government had ignored reports of potential bomb attacks against the Speaker near Marybrown and Yagoothuge, which ultimately resulted in a bomb blast on May 6, 2021. He also echoed Eva's sentiments and characterized President Solih as a threat to the people and national security.

Eva and Hassan Latheef's claims have been denied by some government officials and some pro-government MPs.