Salaries of the army to be increased soon: Minister Mariya

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has said that the salaries of the army will be increased very soon.

Speaking at the anniversary celebration of MNDF's Army Adjutant Corp (AG Corps) on Wednesday, Minister Mariya noted that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced a favorable change in the pay of the Army as part of the government's pay harmonization initiative. She assured that the benefits of this favorable change would soon reach MNDF.

The minister also highlighted the President's dedication to the army, noting that he has been committed to improving the welfare of the army and bringing about better changes in the services needed by the army.

"We have witnessed positive changes to the policies on housing allowance issuance and the granting of leave for officers facing health issues. Many of the challenges that soldiers had to face in the past have been effectively addressed and resolved," she said.

Minister Mariya said the government's ongoing efforts to develop the defense force are making headway and said a well-structured military justice system had been introduced under the efforts. Its primary objective is to provide defendants with a fair opportunity to present their defense. She also noted that the system also allows for the accused to be advised based on their criminal record and not pursue the case further.

“I have received information that 57 cases have been filed after defendants were advised, without the case going on their records,” she said.

The AG Corps is the army unit that plays the foremost role in showcasing indigenous culture and identity during ceremonial activities incorporated in the official state reception of foreign dignitaries.