Pres Solih and First Lady commence visit to Faafu Atoll

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed departed on an official visit to the inhabited islands of the North Nilandhe Atoll (Faafu Atoll) on Saturday. They are accompanied on the visit by a high-level delegation of the government.

The President and the First Lady would begin their two-day visit on Nilandhoo Island, followed by Dahranboodhoo, Magoodhoo, Bileydhoo, and Feeali Islands. During their visit, the President would discuss relevant matters with community leaders, government officials, institutional representatives, and residents to explore developmental plans.

The President would also visit various government offices and institutions, overseeing the advancement of ongoing developmental projects. Notably, the President would tour Faafu Atoll Hospital and the airport project site located on Magoodhoo Island, inquiring about the progress and outcomes of these initiatives.