All members of Kulhudhuffushi Council defects to The Democrats

All councilors of the Kulhudhuffushi City Council have signed up for a newly emerging party, The Democrats.

With the exception of one councilor who is currently abroad, all council members submitted their sign-up forms to the party's founder, MP Hassan Latheef, during a ceremony held at a cafe in Male City on Tuesday. Reports indicate that the absent councilor has also signed up for the new party.

All councilors except one who is currently abroad handed over their sign-up forms to party founder, MP Hassan Latheef, at a ceremony held at a Male' City cafe' on Tuesday. However, it is reported that she, too, has signed up for The Democrats.

Kulhudhuffushi City Councillors are as follows:
Mohamed Athif (Mayor)
Ali Adam (Deputy Mayor)
Ahmed Abdullah (Councillor)
Rilwan Mohamed (Councillor)
Mohamed Dawud (Councillor)
Aiminath Majeedha (Councillor)
Athifa Ali (Councillor)

While many councilors representing the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) are defecting to its break-off party, The Democrats already have majorities in a few councils. Although traditionally an MDP stronghold, the defection of the Kulhudhufushi councilors not only signifies the first complete transition of the entire council to The Democrats but also marks the first time MDP has lost its majority in the Kulhuduffushi Council.

The city's MPs and mayor have repeatedly expressed concern regarding the government's failure to fulfill its pledges for the city.