Economy expected to double by 2028: Pres Solih

The country's economy will double by the end of 2028 with the development projects and changes brought about by the current government, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said.

Speaking at the official inauguration of southernmost Addu City's land reclamation project on Saturday, President Solih said the country's economy would become a "strong economy" due to the measures and decisions undertaken by his government. He highlighted that achieving such a significant milestone would be a remarkable accomplishment.

The President estimated that the economy would double to MVR 177 billion in the next five years, contrasting with the pre-office GDP of MVR 82 billion.

The President reiterated that Addu City is the most important region in the country's economic landscape. Referring to the dredging of Addu, the President said that the veracity of this statement is evident today.

The President further said the country could be developed and that the island-style lifestyle that the people desire can be achieved only through holistic development across the entire country. He assured the people of his commitment to achieving this goal and noted that his government was already implementing development projects necessary for the next five years.

The President further said that the positive changes that the people of Maldives need will be brought about under his rule.