Gov't to increase allowance for the elderly

The government has decided to increase the monthly allowance for the elderly. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the decision while addressing a ceremony held at Addu City Square on Sunday night.

Although the President announced the decision to increase the allowance, he did not disclose further details regarding it. He stated that his manifesto for his re-election would include further changes of this nature.

The government has announced that it will augment the current allowance for those with special needs this month. Referring to this, the President said the increased allowance for those with special needs would be announced soon.

Presently, those above the age of 65 receive a monthly allowance of MVR 5,000, while those with special needs receive MVR 2,000 per month.

Notably, the salaries of employees working in the education and health sectors have been increased significantly throughout the current presidential term. Some of the lowest-paid employees have also received a modest increase in their salaries following the introduction of the minimum wage.