No grounds to review stay order on MRM dissolution: Civil Court

The Civil Court has ruled that there is no reason to review the stay order issued on the Election Commission (EC)'s decision to dissolve the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM).

The Election Commission decided to dissolve the MRM on May 24, as the party membership fell short of the 3,000 members required by the Political Parties Act. As per the latest update on the EC's political party register dated February 21, the MRM had a membership count of 2,981, just 18 members below the stipulated requirement.

The MRM filed a petition at the Civil Court to stay the commission's decision, and the court issued the stay order on May 28. The order suspended the implementation of the EC decision to dissolve the MRM for a period of 30 days.

Subsequently, the EC filed a petition at the court to review the stay order. However, in an order issued on Thursday, the Civil Court stated that the commission had failed to provide any justification for reviewing the previous order.