Container imports drop 14 percent

The number of containers imported to the Maldives in June fell by 14 percent from the previous month.

According to the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), 4,400 containers were imported this June, averaging 147 containers per day. Comparatively, earlier in May, a total of 5,273 containers were imported, averaging 170 containers per day.

The number of perishable goods imported last month was also lower than in May.

Perishable goods imported in June:

Carrots - down 16 percent
Banana - down 18 percent
Barbara - down 2 percent
Pineapple - down 13 percent
Tomatoes - down 28 percent
Garlic - down 11 percent
Onions - up 16 percent
Cabbage - down 8 percent
Eggs - down 3 percent

Last June, 16 container ships arrived in the Maldives, while 18 container ships arrived the previous month.